Build your platform in the cloud so that you receive new customers, payments and promotions your brand from any channel without taking care of ANYTHING.

Google Workspace

Connect your business with Google technology. Optimize your work with your corporate emails Gsuite controlling everything with a single application package. Connect, create, access and control all your company documents from your mobile.


Create, manage and administer your business database in the cloud meeting all legal requirements to send your campaigns online or to carry out the processes that your company needs.


Marketing software for companies that creates better relationships with your customers.
Get to know your audience and find new ways to communicate with them when.

Employee Tracking

Tienda Bandera removes everything that generates extra costs in your work process so that you achieve your objectives at the lowest cost in the market.

Teleworking for companies

Migrate your workloads to the cloud with Tienda Bandera. Create and deploy your projects faster on a highly scalable and secure infrastructure. With Tienda Bandera, you get a set of solutions and products that can help you overcome even the toughest business challenges.

Business Intranet

Everything you need to get things done, now in one place with flexible solutions for all businesses. Work wherever you are and with any device, even offline, with tools to help you integrate, customize, and extend your tasks to meet the unique needs of your team.


Analyze your work processes to evaluate which ones can be carried out more efficiently, and detect those methodologies and procedures that can be transformed with digital technology to increase the efficiency of your organization's activities.

We build a robust business relationship with our clients to create our own opportunities together.