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Price your work right.

You deserve something better

“Money and success don't change people. They just amplify what's already there. "- Will Smith

Time does not equal money.

Stop selling your time and focus on the value that you are capable of creating. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that the amount you earn has to be directly correlated with the number of hours you work. Ten minutes of your time could potentially save or create billions or conversely, you could spend days trying to fix a problem that is not worth it for your client's business. When you sell your time, everyone forgets that value comes from solving problems without working long hours. It is not funny to take more time than necessary to crack a nut.

You are worth more than you think

All those years and experiences count for a lot. They do not pay you just to do a job, for your knowledge and years of experience, there is much more than that: your clients are not only buying a solution, but they are also buying good intuition to make decisions, they buy trust, understanding, and peace of mind. They pay for the right to work with someone who cares about their interests. Your value is not just about what you do, but also how and why you do it. They may be able to go to another provider, but they won't get what you can give them.

Saying yes to everything just makes you good at nothing.

If you say yes to everything, you will eventually overwhelm yourself doing work you don't enjoy. Saying yes too soon can also sound more desperate than enthusiastic. Saying no, on the other hand, inspires confidence. Saying doesn't mean that you can focus on doing your best work and be really good at it. A good, very firm NO can also be empowering. Build respect. It is a sign that you are in charge and confident in your worth.

Money is not a bad word

Money can lead you to achieve your purpose. Money is not just the sum of your costs plus a little more. Profit is a measure of the value you provide – your unique combination of knowledge, experience, and insight. Money facilitates all the shocking things you want to achieve. It gives you the power to pay and help others. It's not about choosing between purpose or money, it's about saying yes to both.

Set your rate calmly.

Don't show your cards too fast. Pricing too quickly may mean that you haven't understood the real issue. Setting the right price comes from understanding what is really needed. It means taking more time to learn, understand, and discuss your client's needs. Work with your clients to clarify the work you need to do. Only there you put the price. Don't be pressured to come up with a price you're not sure of. If you do it sure it will be too low. It's not worth it for customers to pay less for something that doesn't get the job done.

High price means long-term savings

Set a price that motivates you to do your job better. Remember that those who buy cheap will have to buy twice. When you charge your value and do your best work, your client doesn't need to spend more money. In fact, you will probably do such a good job that they will be happy they made the investment and will tell others about it. That is word of mouth marketing in action: the most economical and effective marketing that exists does not come from spending more money on advertising, it comes from a job well done that is of high quality, justifies a high price and provides good feelings and solutions. Immediate.

By Tienda Bandera /// Free library photo /// Cod: 09.21

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